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    Unanswered: Authentication Error post db2 instance crash


    I am using DB2 Version 8 as part of the Websphere Everyplace Access

    Whenever a remote desktop is made to the WEA server, the db2 instance crash.

    Post the crash, when the server is restarted, the synchronization continues to fail and gives an authentication error.

    Would appreciate if anyone could share similar experience and what was done to resolve the authentication error

    To stop the crash, the remote desktop has been discontinued and VNC is being used

    Thanks for the support

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    I think that should have something to do with the user-switching. when you log into the server via MS remote desktop from remote terminal, the server's current logged user has to be kicked off. i think this should has some influence to the instance running under the current user emviroment.

    so we should start analizing from this point to solve this problem.
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