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    Unanswered: Count each time a Field's data changes

    As new Records are added I need to in a Query or Report, count the number of occurrences of several specific Fields that have change from the previous record.
    As a reference point, each Record is unique for Date and Time so if the next Record is added to the DB, I want to know if Field 'x' has changed in value from the entry in the previous Record.
    Specifically, if I there is a change in oxygen concentration from TimeA to TimeB, I want to identify this. The same needs to be identified for numeroous settings and measurements. Basically, all I want to do is to count all of these changes that occur over an 8 hour period.

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    are these times fixed? Like every hour? it would make sense to keep each value in it's own field.
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    No they are not. As each staff member makes a patient assessment, the time is recorded as 'real-time'.

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