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    Unanswered: ASA 7.0 "General Error: Connection was terminated" help!


    I have put a fresh install of Symatec Ghost 8.0 onto the server at my work. ASA 7.0 is old, but it's the one that comes with ghost.

    When i go into the Ghost Console for the first time, everytihng is fine. probably a few times after that and still fine. But once the ghost database starts getting a few workstation entries, when i go into the console again (sometimes just pops up now and again) the following error comes:

    SELECT Params.Heartbeat, Params.VirtualPartitionSize, Params.VirtualPartitionDefaultDosType, Params.EnableClientUI, Params.ThrottleIn, Params.ThrottleOut, Params.UDMMode, Params.ClientVersionId, Params.WarningTime, Params.AllowAbort, Params.DefaultProceed, Params.ServerTimeout, Params.ClientProductVersion, Params.MTUPath FROM Params:HY000 [Sybase][ODBC Driver][Adaptive Server Anywhere]Geneal error: Connection was terminated

    To me, it sounds like the ASA is refusing entries from ghost into the database.
    I cant really get a more recent version of ghost either, but I dont think this is the problem. If anyone has any ideas at all, please help! Nothing comes up in the windows event log.

    I have tried uninstalling ghost serveral times and removing the ASA driver from ODBC Sources. the problem is still there.
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