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    Unanswered: Connecting to MS SQL Server using BDE Components

    Is it possible to connect to SQL Server 2005 using Delphi 7 and BDE components? (TDatabase) and Windows Authentication? I don't know how to set the login instance to use Windows Authentication, is there any parameter that i should add to Parameter list in TDatabase?
    I have to use only BDE components and nt authentification for this project.

    Another thing is that ADO is working fine and so others database management software.
    Creating an alias in ODBC Administrator and using this alias in Delphi and TDatabase olso works, but i'm not allowed to create anything else on users computer.

    The problem is with TDatabase, i get all kind of errors, like "not associated with a trusted Sql server connection" and i think that's because i don't know how to set the connection to use Windows Authentication on BDE components.

    What do you thing?

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    i think its different from Delphi 5
    so you dont need to connect it like this way
    there is a specific component to connect delphi 7 to the database ,, as i think ,, because its one of its new feature

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