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    Unanswered: SOLVED: Get date range from query


    I would like some guidance for the best way to do the following...

    I have created a few reports to show percentages and figures for the data I am working with. To do this I created various queries showing the totals, which I then counted and summed to end up with the data needed to work out the percentages in the report. I have now been asked to include the date range from the first day we started recording this data to the latest date. I have tried to use the Min/Max method, but this has just brought back a date in the middle of the actual range, rather than the first and last date in the table.

    UPDATE: Doesn't matter I just realised there is only one date in the table, so of course it will only return one date.
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    Does the "First"/"Last" work in a query for the date? Or can you have a table which has the first date you started recording the data (or hard-code this date into the report)?
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