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    Unanswered: can i connect to mysql db from windows app

    i download my connector on .net 2005 and it works fine
    i try it on localhost works well
    i have free mysql hosting i try to connect to it but it fails

    is there any mysql free hosting enables me to connect to mysql db from windows application ?

    thanks in advance.

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    Normally, mysql hosting only allow localhost connection. You can create web application, upload, and connect trough 'your hosting' localhost.

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    If your hosting provider is a Windows hosting provider then a) they need MySQL installed & b) they need to have the MySQL ODBC database driver installed for .NET applications.

    Edit : having read your post I see you're interested in MySQL hosting, not web application hosting.
    Are you putting your application on your host? Or are you running the application from somewhere different than the MySQL hosting is located? If the latter then your MySQL hosting provider will have to allow external access to MySQL, which some are reluctant to do.

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    I had googled: - free remote database hosting. If you want only db you can use it.

    Also I found

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