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    Unanswered: MS Access help

    Hi guys
    Looking for some help if able. The below may be very simple but i dont know Access that well and so need some advice.

    I have created a DBase in Acccess base on the following information:-
    RMA #
    DHL Ref

    There are more but no need to list them really. The record is to keep a running log of all cases passed to DHL. I have set up the basics in that all data is entered into the record. I have a date stamp on each record and this is where i need help

    Each day at 14:30 my dept emails all records created from 14:30 the previous day to DHL.
    I need to figure out how i can run a query/report that will return all case's logged in the last 24hrs at 14:30? based on the time stamp on the record?

    Once this one is sorted i need to run a report on all outstanding cases that have not been marked Returned (yes/no) in a month or a given date range.

    Any help would be fantastic

    If you need examples or the DBase for viewing please pm or email me.


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    This type of thing should work based on a date input on a form:

    Between CDate([Forms]![FormName]![ControlName] & " 14:30") And CDate(DateAdd("d",1,[Forms]![FormName]![ControlName]) & " 14:29")

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