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    Exclamation Unanswered: sql connection problem

    This is my first post so be kind: I have a Windows 2003 server in my office and one in our offsite hosting center. I have sql 2000 server on both servers. I have a direct vpn connection from my office to the hosting site. I can register the server in my hosting site in enterprise manager from my office. If I register the hosting site server on a pc just running sql tools it works fine, I can export data to the offsite database, I can browse the databases, etc... However if I have SQL server running on a machine I cannot export data, I can browse everything except the databases. When I click on the database folder enterprise manager freezes up. Any ideas why? I have a dts package that needs to migrate data from my office server to the offsite server and it won't do it, I believe it is because of this problem. It appears to be a timeout issue but all configurations look good. I can query the tables in the offsite server from my server. Any help/ideas would be greatly appreciated!!

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    What protocols do you have enabled inside the SQL Server Network Utility? TCP/IP is vastly preferred, and if possible it should be the only protocol enabled on your server. Named Pipes is especially troublesome.


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    This is a long-shot workaround, but did you know you can save DTS packages as structured storage files? Open the package in design view - saveas - change format and hit save. This means you can simply copy the file to the server (mapped network drive?) and then import into the database (make sure you remember to save it as a DTS package on the new local server though!
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