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    Red face Unanswered: Access 2003 freezes for 3-5 sec

    Hi! I am running Access 2003 SP2 on Dell Latitude D620 1.8GHz 512MB ram, WinXP Pro SP2. I edit an Access 2003 file containing a database (70 records) and a couple of forms. The access file is stored in Access 2002 format, ~800Kb in size.

    Here's the situation... After I edit a form, just change something on the form, for example a control property, and switch between design and form run-time view, Access displays the run-time form with data. Then Access suddenly freezes for 3-5 sec. During that time, no screen is not updated and the Access top bar even shows that the application is not responding. Then Access unfreezes and works normally until I switch back to design view. Then it can freeze again, as if Access is doing some sort of background task during which it stops responding.

    Is this normal? Is there an option to stop it.

    It's very annoying

    Thanks a lot

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    Have you got any hefty code on form load/open/activate/render etc?

    Is the project stored on your local HDD?
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    This would be interesting to see if you can zip it and upload it with a few records. I believe it was Access 2000 where Microsoft changed the way forms are stored in Access. I was always taught to avoid having a lot of functions in the form and use modules. I do remember a situation with a few Access mdb's which acted the same way you've described and I'd like to see it again if you can upload it.
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