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    Unanswered: Dl-380 Server Hangs With Erp - Sql-server 2005 Db And 2003 Server

    We have recently migrated from an HP server to a new one, HP DL-380, 6 Disks ( 2 o.s. Mirror 1 + 3 database Mirror 5 + 1 Hot spare ), we instaled Windows 2003 Server, SQL-SERVER 2005 SP2 ( the old one had SQL-SERVER 2000 ) and we are runing and ERP systems that runs with Sql-Server.

    We instaled the server and the soft and run it in production about a month ago, since almost the first day, the server hangs up when we run some random parts of the ERP program.

    We request hp to change the mother, check the memories, the procesor, etc they told as that this isn't a hardware issue.

    After further research we found that the only clue in this problem, the only big diffrence between the old server and the new one, ( among the Sql-Server version ) is that the Collation sequence is differnt, the server has ModernSpanish, the database is using SQL_Latin1_General_CP1_CI_AS, the same that has almost all other clients instalations.

    We are not sure if the source of the prolbem is this, but we are runing out of ideas here. We change the Sql-Server user name that runs the process, created a new one. Again the same result.

    Can anybody help with this ?

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    hp is correct - this isn't a hardware issue.....

    but there were several compaq fixpacks for the dl series
    that needed to be installed.

    did you wipe the OS completely prior to the new loads,
    or was it just an upgrade to the existing system?

    How did you migrate the application(s) just by copying the files
    or did you accomplish a new instalaltion and move the database over?
    or did you perform a DTS export and import in the ETL process???

    more questions after you answer these


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    First answer

    HP's partner instaled all the necesary fixpacks.

    We instaled the OS from scratch the first time ( one month ago ). I don't want to reinstall all the SO neither.

    We installed all aplications again, not copying

    As we usualy do, we restore the database from a backup file on to the Sql-server, the Sql-Server is a SQL Server Standard Edition 2005 win32 Spanish, we don't use DTS for the migration

    Thank you

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