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    Unanswered: Cannot apply Filter on one or more fields specified in the Filter property.

    I have adp application and sql server at backend.Now I m creating and report upon the user selection by the combo boxes.
    But report doesnt filter records according to the values of combo boxex. and it gives an error
    "Cannot apply Filter on one or more fields specified in the Filter property."

    I have also tried to take out everything from the filter property of report but doesnt work.
    Everything i m taking input from the user exist in the database.

    Where could be the problem in this scenario.


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    Off-hand with the error you're describing (without witnessing it first hand), I'd guess that it's giving you an error because the filter cannot be applied to the recordset you're returning (ie. for example you are trying to filter on 1 record all of which does not meet the criteria you've specified) or there is something wrong with the way you are trying to apply the filter (ie. perhaps you're trying to apply a filter to a field which doesn't exist.) But that's just guessing without seeing it. Can you try applying the filter to a different field to test it?
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