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    I am in need of using the Microsoft Trust Center for an application that has several hundred users. With the rollout of a new version of Access, I have run into a problem in using MS Access 2007 as I need to use the Trust Center and give permissions to several hundred users to an Access file that resides on the network. The question that I have is there any way that I can give permission to the users without having to go around to each users machine and setting up a Trust Center for the network folder. I want to set up the folder once (globally) so that users can access the program without me having to go around to each user's machine and configuring the Trust Center. I have seen an article on using API calls, but is there any easier way?


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    Hey budha65,

    I'm guessing the answer to your question is No - you shouldn't have to go around to each user's machine and configure the Trust Center. I don't have any personal experience with the Trust Center but I've found that items similar to this in the past could be set via code which modifies a registry setting. I've designed code which had a form and a button where once the user clicked on the button, it would modify the registry for their computer. I'm "guessing" that you should be able to do something similar with the Trust Center configuration.
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