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    Question Unanswered: Retrieve NewID after Insert (ASP + VB + ACCESS)

    Hi Guys,

    I've been asked to create an online evaluation form and I've pretty much designed it now but i'm having trouble now in tracking what the unique number is of a record I've just created. I've looked and looked through the web but I have no knowledge of ASP pages so I'm really struggling here.

    I've attached a text document which documents my script section.

    Could someone please have a look at this and see whether they could help me to create a sequence which would insert a record, create the new ID, and store the new ID as something which I can access on another page (or at the very least, print to screen).

    I know this is asking a lot but from knowing nothing about ASP to getting this point has pretty much used up my capacity for new learning
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    Hmm, well there is a way, but it aint pretty...
    This article is the best ASP specific example I can find...

    And here is an Access specific article to back up the theory involved (well worth a read!).
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