Our team is responsible for design, architecture, implementation, deployment, maintenance, and bug fixing (i.e. end-to-end ownership) of massively distributed, reliable, self-healing unstructured data storage and massively parallel distributed data processing and execution environments built using cheap and unreliable commodity hardware. In other words, it is distributed file system and operating system deployed on thousands and thousands of computers that may break and go out of service at any time -- but system should detect and recover from loss of individual component(s) and keep operating as if nothing happened.

Therefore, members of our team should be fluent in nuances of operation of distributed systems, have deep knowledge of parallel and distributed computing, be familiar with multiple programming languages, know basic compiler techniques, be able to identify source of non-trivial issues and provide and implement adequate solution for such problems on short notice, working with little or no supervision.

Master's degree (unless the candidate has de facto skills and level of knowledge typically taught during Master program ) is a must requirement for this position to ensure high productivity, deep understanding of subtle nuances of operation of very complex distributed parallel system, short turnaround times investigating and solving extremely non-trivial issues, and level of responsibility required by the position.

Interested? Please apply with your resume to a-stdela@microsoft.com. Include in the subject line "Software Development Engineer - DB"