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    Unanswered: Cinema Type Of Reservation Records

    Hi Everyone,

    Does anyone knows how to create the cinema type of reservation records?

    Hmm... I want to create system such that it can able to view the date and also view the availability of the tools.

    For eg. Let say from this particular dates 1/9/07 to 8/9/07

    1. Available dates for tool booking (Appear red in the square box)
    2. Tool is being reserved by other people (Appear yellow in the square box)
    3. Tool Repair (Appear blue in the square box)
    4. Tool Calibration (Appear green in the square box)

    Thus, the user can view all the status of the tool and at the same time can select the red square box for booking of the tool.

    And also after the dates should be appearing the today date. The past date should not be appear. And also add the timing record from 9am to 6pm.

    How can I create those 4 types of the boxes in the Access Database???


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    If Status = 1 Then 'booked
     Me.theSquare.BackColor = RGB(255,0,0)
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