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    Lightbulb Unanswered: Using SQL*Plus

    I have been using SQL Navigator 4.2 for a while but I need to use SQL*Plus for an Oracle 10g DB since 4.2 doesnt support 10g databases.
    Can someone please tell me how can I use SQL navigator for 10g
    Or how can I use SQL*plus to view tables with more 20-30 columns more effectively.
    Are there any set commands for that ?

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    Uh-oh ... wait for Anacedent, you'll hear about GUI.

    Here is SQL*Plus User's Guide and Reference book.Take some time and read it.

    Viewing tables "more effectively"? Type faster!

    Of course, there are ways to fit more columns on the screen, but that's far from GUI tool you used. The simplest way is to set column widths using the COL command; see the difference:
    SQL> select empno, ename, sal from emp;
         EMPNO ENAME             SAL
    ---------- ---------- ----------
          7369 SMITH             800
          7499 ALLEN            1600
          7521 WARD             1250
    SQL> col empno format 9999
    SQL> col ename format a10
    SQL> col sal format 9990.00
    SQL> select empno, ename, sal from emp;
    EMPNO ENAME           SAL
    ----- ---------- --------
     7369 SMITH        800.00
     7499 ALLEN       1600.00
     7521 WARD        1250.00
    BTW, can't you upgrade SQL Navigator? Or, why don't you download and install free Oracle SQL Developer?

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