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    Red face Unanswered: Automation Error - Object has diconnected from Clients

    I have added a calender to a UserForm so that the user does not have to hand type a date. When you click on the combo box to open the calendar this comes up:

    Run-time error '-2147417848(80010108)':
    Automation Error - Object has diconnected from Clients

    I have no idea what that means and I read through this article:;en-us;Q319832

    And it makes completely no sense to me. Can someone assist me with my issue?

    I have attached the file. Click on the Button on the top left to open the entry form and just click on Arrival Date Combo box.

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    Howdy. BlueCactus at VBA Express has written a calendar that seems to solve some issues and is Win/Mac compatible, meaning it does not rely on ActiveX. You might want to check it out. VBA Express. Search the Knowledge Base for "Calendar".
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