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    OK Y'all,

    I have a Bound Object Frame on my form which is Bound to an OLE field in my table. When I right click on the Bound Object Frame I have an option in the context menu to "Insert Attachment". When I make this selection I can browse to any file and create the embedded OLE file. The file is correctly created in the apprpriate container in the table so that when the next user views the record they can double click the file and it will openin the correct application.

    So the question is... How do I perform this same action without my user having to right click?

    Obviously the GUI performs the action so it should be possible to do it all in code.


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    I have the same situation where I also have the user "Insert Attachment" for an OLE object. I don't know how to do it via code though so I'm interested in seeing the responses to your question. I need to do this for the project I'm working on so if I figure out how in the next month, I'll post the answer for you. Please post the answer if you find out how in the meantime.
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    Cool Solved!!!


    I finally figured it out. I put it all together in a sample database. Is it worthy of an appearance in the code bank? I know that I was not able to find anything on this in my research. I know I can't be the only one with a need to do this.

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