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    Unanswered: Internet Database

    I am needing to get a database onto the internet where i can access it from an Access page from 2 separate intranets. I can host the mdb file but cant get the Access page to link to it. Any help ?

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    Connection string

    In the properties of the page you may need to look at the connection string. If you developed the page for testing and then moved the page - the new location may cause the problem. Also if you use the logical pathing (F:, P:, etc.) instead of the literal (UNC) path other people or systems not mapped correctly will have a failing page as well.
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    Access only supports linking to a drive that is capable of being mapped. i.e. a file on a LAN or WAN.

    There IS an aftermarket app that maps FTP servers to a drive letter on the local computer, but with MS Access, it appears to work by making a copy of the remote file on the local computer "in the background." Unfortunately, this could lead to contention issues in a multi-user environment...

    ref this thread at a sister site.
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    what we do at my office is use Access on a central server at the office and then anyone can connect to the server via VPN (virtual private network) and using remote access.. log in to the database.

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