I have a application developed on iSeries eServer AS/400 V5R1 using C, C++, and RPG. I would like to create the installation kit (packaging) to give out to our customer.

The existing installation files created long back contacins three saveset files (fin_inst, qdsetmap, qtemp). If we want to send this software package to the customer place, then we need to burn the CD using Roxio Easy CD creator in ISO9660 format. It works fine in V5r3, V5R4. If we use other CD recording software, it does not work, there are many complaints from the customer.
In other way if we copy the above three files to the V5R3 or V5R4 local library and trying to install the software also does not work. To install this software (contains above three savesets), we must copy into the CD.

Now we are planning to create the package in a new way, so that it should work either using the CD OR just keeping the files in the local library.
What is the usual method we can follow to creat the package/installation kit.

Or how we can use (/any modification on) the existing three savesets in order to make easy installation?