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    Unanswered: using 9i listener to connect to 8.0.4 home

    We need to restore a 8.0.4 database for some historical data. We have Oracle 9i on the same Solaris server.

    My question is:

    1. How do I set up the listener for the 8.0.4 database. We already have a 9i listener running on the same server. When I tried to use the 9i listener to register the 8.0.4 database, it is a giving a ORA-12154: TNS:could not resolve service name.

    So, what is the best to connect to the 8.0.4 database? Can I set up a separate TNS for the 8.0.4 with a different port number or can I use the 9i listener itself?

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    Oracle 9 listener uses sql net 2, oracle 8.0 used sql net 1. They are not compatable. Use the 8.0 listener and use a different port.
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    I always thought a 9i listener could work for an 8 database... I thought I read that somewhere, but i'm getting older now and my memory is fading...

    However, I do remember that v8 databases didn't use the "SERVICE_NAME" designation. So, in the listener.ora, your CONNECT_DATA section should have SID_NAME instead of SERVICE_NAME... maybe it will work, maybe not... beilstwh is usually right about things Oracle...
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    Not all 9i versions are created equal; major network changes between 9.1 & 9.2
    Not a V8 versions are created equal; major network changes between V8.0.X & V8.1.6|7

    This is why it is IMPERATIVE to specify version to FOUR decimal places & avoid marketing hype.

    V9.2.x will NOT talk to V8.0.x; IIRC.

    So the answer really depends upon what EXACT version OP has when stating "9i".
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