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    Unanswered: Indexing And Physical Storage Of Data

    1> How is the data stored physically when there is now primary key as well as any index defined in the table......?

    2> How is the data stored physically when there is just a primary key defined in one of the column of the table? No INDEX defined.

    Rahul Jha

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    Hi Rahul

    As per Tom's answer in the last thread again you need to read up on this subject. You can't get an understanding of indexes by asking questions like this on a forum - or at least not without asking hundreds of questions.

    Read up on this and you'll learn that indexes <> primary keys but SQL Server (and most RDMSs) enforce primary keys through unique, non-null indexes. As such, senario 2 is impossible. Also - a primary key does not determine the physical characteristics of a table. The nature of (or lack of) the indexes does.
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