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    Unanswered: How to execute morethan one insert statement in single shot?

    Can anyone tell me, that how to execute morethan one INSERT query in a single shot?

    I mean to ask that, i want to execute two INSERT statement, currently im doing that one as follow;

    db.commandstring = "INSERT statement 1";

    db.commandstring = "INSERT statement 2";

    But now i want to execute the both statement under single ExecuteNonQuery();

    Is there any chance to do like that? Can i concatenate Both INSERT statement in Single "CommandString" and execute ( db.commandString="INSERT statement1; INSERT statement2"; db.ExecuteNonQuery());

    Give me a suggestion plz.

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    Your 'db.ExecuteNonQuery()' stuff is unknown to me; also, you didn't mention your Oracle database version. So, if it is supported, you might try to use INSERT ALL, like in the following example:
    SQL> create table test (id number, name varchar2(20));
    Table created.
    SQL> insert all
      2    into test values (1, 'Little')
      3    into test values (2, 'Foot')
      4    into test values (3, 'Someone')
      5    into test values (4, 'Else')
      6  select * from dual;
    4 rows created.
    SQL> select * From test;
            ID NAME
    ---------- --------------------
             1 Little
             2 Foot
             3 Someone
             4 Else

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