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    Unanswered: GUI for Production OPS to restore db.

    I would like to provide our operations area a nice GUI that would let them restore databases in DB2 LUW 8.2 & 9. Anybody have a nice (controlled) gui?

    I'd let them use the db2cc, but that's too powerful. We have scripts that can do that, but that requires them to logon to the box and know what they are doing.

    Here's some of my initial thoughts.
    1) Let them select the server/db that they want to recover.
    2) Choose a valid recovery time (we use TSM and online image copies.)
    3) Generate a "log" of their activities (restores)

    Rob Goethel

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    even in your case db2cc will work
    just create a user with sysmaint authority (no access to sensitive data)
    you can also customize the way db2cc opens under tools toolbar
    Rahul Singh
    Certified DB2 9 DBA / Application Developer

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    Yup, you are right. Forgot about that feature. I guess we'll create a server instance with all the prod servers registered and give them command center on that box for restore functions.

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