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    Unanswered: Newly Installed Oracle Database Server


    I installed two instances of 9i on a server running Windows 2000 Server. The machine is a dual xeon on a 2GB memory. I just left the two instances running, and when I got back, the server's somewhat slowing down. Are there any clues to why the server's experiencing this?

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    any ideas?

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    The system is busy doing things.
    Since you provides us with no details, we can't provide any solution(s).
    Exactly what is the system doing that results in "server's somewhat slowing down"?
    Since only you can see what is happening on the system, only you can have any idea what is consuming system resources.

    It could be that the sum sizes of both SGAs is greater than RAM & the system is swapping like crazy.

    then again, it could be any of a large number of reasons, but without ANY clues it is futile to guess.
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