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    Unanswered: unable to install oracle 9i

    I am new in oracle.I have .dmp file and i want to fetch data from that. I am trying to install oracle 9i but after installing 5% it get stuck at oembase.jar file.
    Then I tried to restore it into SQL server 2005 and SQL Server 2000 but can't do that.
    Can anybody help me
    Thanks in advance!!!!!
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    First of all, importing Oracle proprietary DMP format into anything else but Oracle database will probably not succeed.

    That DMP file of yours - which Oracle version was it? Will you manage to import it into 9i (once you install it)? Which version of 9i are you installing? Would it be OK if you change it for 10g, for example? Perhaps even Express Edition?

    Finally, your problem: no idea. I really wouldn't know why installation process stops at 'oembase.jar' file. Do you run installation from a CD? If so, try to copy the whole CD contents into a directory on your hard disk and run SETUP from a new location; perhaps it'll help.

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    There is a paper posted on metalink (, if you purchased support) to clean up a Windows machine following an unsuccessful install of Oracle. There are temp directories to be cleared and registry entries that need to be removed, or you may not be able to install to a previous Oracle_home specified during an un-successful install.

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