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    Question Unanswered: Recovering DBs with a "Suspect" state


    (SQL Server 2000)

    I have databases that appear as "Suspect" in the Enteprise Manager. What can I do to recover them or put them in a normal state?

    Thanks a lot.

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    Depends on why it is suspect. If you are lucky, someone simply moved the database files, and you just beed to move them back. if you have average luck, then you are looking at a database restore. What does the errorlog say?

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    before you decide what to do, you ought to determine the cause.

    but you can either...

    a. you might be able to put your database in emergency mode and extract your data using bcp or dts.


    b. restore from your last good backup.

    I practice full recovery and can recover to any point in time, so I usually go with b and I have never done a, but I hear it is possible in some situations.
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