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    Unanswered: Database Permission problem

    Hai all

    I developed an app in vb and i am using DSN conn to connect to my
    database. My app. is running in an environment in which my exe and
    database folder resides in the server and all the supervisor and other
    user have an access to an app.

    Audit group visited our place and open the database folder through
    windows explorer and accessed my table which is developed using visual
    foxpro and opened it in an excel and also tried to modify it. They
    pointed out the loopholes in handling the database.Now i am in a
    position to set the permission for the database folder so that it should have
    Access denied for users and allow only supervisor to access.

    Please suggest me how to set the permission so that the app should be
    able to use by the users(add,modify and delete the records) but thru
    explorer they are not allowed to open the dbf file. When i tried to
    set the folder permission to Access denied for users, but if they try to
    open the exe it shows the table does not exists.How to handle this


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    Are you talking about MS-Access or DB2 ?
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