Hello - we are migrating to Oracle and I need to know whether our current method of working with SQL Server is feasible - basically whether there is a progromatic interface to design objects in data integrator.

Currently for DTS and SSIS we generate the transfer packages from the table structure (with source as an extract SP) so there is no coding involved - if someone adds or changes a structure th transfer is taken care of automatically.
For DTS it means using the co interface to genrate a transfer package and add all the columns to it, SSIS is just xml so it's just a matter of generating a text file. These are then run via a job which loops round the tables (bit more complicated than that for configuration and logging but that's the crux) - the run control bit presumably isn't an issue.
Is this sort of thing possible with data integrator (or is it alerady built in).
Also is it possible in warehouse builder - I believe this has been replaced by the above?

Thanks for any replies/comments.
"You shouldn't be doing this" would be good as a response especially if acompanied by another suggestion.