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    Unanswered: Export format into Excel

    I have a formating questions

    I have the following fields

    Division, Cost Centre, Month, Maintenance Cost, Insurance Cost, Accident cost

    is there a way to export this into excel so that the rows have

    Division-Cost centre
    Maintenance Cost
    Insurance Cost
    Accident cost

    and column has the Month

    Cross tab isnt applicable as i have more than the three fields of Maintenance, Isurance and Accidents. Please refer to attachment the sheet titled 'Current format' is how i am outputting from a query and i need it in the format as per sheet 'desired format'
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    The code bank has some lovely stuff on Excel exports and fiddles by our very own pootle flump - so don't you forget about that invaluable resource!

    With regards to your problem: Why can't you use a cross-tab? I'm assuming you have a pre-defined number of columns - so what's the problem?
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