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    Unanswered: Setting password for dbf file


    I developed an app. using vb 6.0 as front end and visual foxpro 6.0 as backend. I want to protect my database. It is possible to set password for my dbf files(having nearly 10 .dbf file ie.tables).

    Any other way to protect my dbf files

    Its urgent. Please reply

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    You cannot password protect the DBF files themselves.

    You can password protect your VB front-end application and you can encrypt the DBF file data using a variety of encryption/decryption utilities from the web.

    Another way of 'fooling' un-wanted users is to use a different file extension for your data tables instead of .dbf VFP will not care as long as you specify the full filename + extension. I am not sure what VB will do. I guess it depends on how you are doing your table access.

    Good Luck

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