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    Unanswered: Key Violation

    I have a rather large database using many tables and queries. I am trying to run an append query that gathers data from 2 tables. I receive the error that states "Microsoft can not append all of the data due to key violation errors." All of the data types match between the tables. What causes this?
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    See if you are trying to append duplicate values to a field that does not allow duplicates.

    Check the relationships between the tables to see if you are trying to add records that need to have a related field in another table.

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    key violation usually means that there is a conflict in the insert (normally you are trying to insert a duplicate record or duplicate key), it could be on any index which is constrained to be unique.. so first off Id look to see if the primary key is getting mangled

    its possible it could be a rogue message.. but I'd check any key that is set to unique and make sure the data is unique
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