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    Unanswered: End text where the cell ends

    This seems like a simple option but I can't find it nor can I find the answer online. I suspect I'm not asking the question right for Google to find it.

    When you are typing in a cell and the text is longer than the cell then it keeps on going as you leave the cell, like it's flowing out. If you type in the cell to the right of it, it will truncate the way the text looks. It's all still there but it doesn't look like it is longer than the cell unless you enter the cell. If you don't type any text to the right of the cell, it continues to look like and overflow.

    How can I make the cell give that truncated look without typing in the cell to the right?

    I have tried "Shrink to fit" but that makes it unreadable. I have used "Fill" which can give the truncated look but if you type less than the length of the cell, then it makes the text in the cell look duplicated until it fills the text.

    How can I make the text stop where the text end or the cell ends, whichever comes first?


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    If you don't find any better answer than what I am suggesting, then consider this low-tech solution.
    Assuming you are entering text in column A, put a space in each cell in column B. Click cell B, press the spacebar and press enter. Copy this space to other cells in column B as needed. This will prevent long strings of text in column A from spilling into column B.


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