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    Looking for creative solution to general ACCESS/SQL problem.

    We have thousands of clients who require us to submit data to them. We have our own naming conventions, which are industry standards, however some clients require us to name data according to their standards.

    What we have been doing thus far is creating seperate access databases for each individual client. The databases contain anywhere from one to many tables. The tables basically contain, our values, their values, and sometimes a description.

    The problem lies in the fact that we now have hundreds of locations around the world. Some of these locations have the same clients, with the same requirements. Some of these locations have the same clients, but with different requirements based on the region. Some of these locations have clients that other locations do not.

    The scalability is just not there, and managing it is becoming a nightmare, its also not very efficient because a table at one location could be updated with a new value, but the other location does not get updated until some end user has the need to update it.

    The only other technology we currently have available for consideration besides ACCESS, is MS SQL SERVER 2005.

    Im just wondering if anybody can think of a much easier, clean, simple way to do this. The more detailed the better since I am a slow learner.


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    What naming conventions? The field names? Table names?
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