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    Smile Unanswered: Stock Control Sample


    I'm new user here, and i would appreciate if anybody can show me a good example of Stock Control in MS Access. I'm specially interested to see in practice FIFO/LIFO methods.

    Thanks in andvance.

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    Inventory control, by its very nature, is a commercial venture, and as such the number of cost free templates available are very small. The complexity of this type of system means that many, many, many man hours have been invested in their development, and few developers are willing to part with their work gratis. You don't ay what version of Access you're using, but I believe some of the later verions (2002 onward, I think) actually ship with some templates. I'm sure I've seen that Access 2003 does.

    The link below has a couple of templates, from the horse's mouth (or was it the other end???) for this type of thing.

    Good Luck!

    Hope this helps!

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    All posts/responses based on Access 2003/2007

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    Question Hi Linq

    Allready I've got some solution for stock control ( purchasing and sales), but when it comes to calculate the price then i got the problem, because my chief wants everything to be sold with purchasing price + profit. So I'm not interested on full solution but only sugestions how to calculate the sale price for each product by method (FIFO or LIFO):

    Example for goods in stock:
    PrID PurchaseDate Quantity Price
    001 01/01/2007 50 1
    001 01/02/2007 150 2

    If we are going to sale the 100 pieces of product 001 on date 02/02/2007 than price should be calculated in this way:

    PrID SaleDate Quantity Price Profit Value
    001 02/02/2007 50 1 10 60
    001 02/02/2007 50 2 10 110
    001 02/02/2007 100 1.5 20 170

    Hope anyone can help me!

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