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    Unanswered: "In" operator in a Store Procedure

    hi guys, I am trying pass a string which contains a list of numbers like (21, 22) into a stored procedure and use it in the "In" operator. The code is as below:

    create or replace procedure Test_Pro
    keyValue in varchar2,
    return_dataSet out sys_refcursor
    open return_dataSet for
    select * from vehicle_platform where SEQ_VEHICLE_TYPE in keyValue;

    The problem is that, if I pass in (21, 22), the procedure will throw a ORA-01722 invalid number exception. It seems oracle tries to convert the string to a number. Is there a solution for this? Many thnx guys....

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    Though it is the WRONG THING to do, you need to use EXECUTE IMMEDIATE
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    Even if I use EXECUTE IMMEDIATE, how can I sign the data set returned from the select into the refcursor out parameter??? Using select into??

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    The problem is, Oracle cannot convert the string to list of values or subquery as required in IN Condition. Implicitely, without knowing delimiters and optional enclose characters, it would be impossible.
    However no explicit conversion is available (as far as I know), you shall do it yourself as described on AskTom:
    How can I do a variable "in list"
    varying elements in IN list

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