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    Unanswered: Transferring values from 1 field to another field of another table

    Hi everyone,

    Does any know how to transfer the value from 1 field to another field??

    For eg. I got 2 tables and some fields.

    Table 1 named Login Table
    Table 2 named Logout Table

    Table 1 has 3 fields UserName, LoginTime and LogoutTime
    Table 2 has 2 fields UserName and LogoutTime

    I wonder is there a way to transfer/copy the value of the LogoutTime from table 2 to LogoutTime of table 1..


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    have a look at using update queries, try the help system

    BUT be very very carefull of what you do when using an update query.. whilst you are developing them work only on a copy of data.... if you do not properly define the where clause the query will affect multiple records.

    however I don't think what you are wanting to do makes sense. the reason you are having this problem is because you don't have a normalised table design. However, on a personal level I have neither the time or the patience to revisit that particular point with you.
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    Update may not work - he mayneed append (I think as he described it) - but it sounds like he could need the update if he is just updating a record - other than that:

    best design is to house it all in one table (UserName, LoginTime and LogoutTime) - and add a date field

    which is table 1

    then run the logout update where date = date() and logout IS Null

    I think that is the best approach
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