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    Question Unanswered: Forms gone after file overflow error

    Hi, everyone.

    I'm in big trouble because the forms in my database just disappeared.

    I was trying to synchronize two forms using the recordsetclone method and received a file overflow error when the code ran. When I acknowledged the error all my forms disappeared from my program. That happened to me before, but restarting Access always solved the problem. I did that again, but the forms were still missing from the application. The source codes still appeared in the VBA project tree, so I could still see all my events, but not the actual forms.

    As far as I remember I had 55 forms. I always try to back-up my files, but my back-up is three weeks (maybe?) old.

    Any help would be appreciated.

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    I suggest you copy the db then compact and repair it.

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    I've found that sometimes either my tables, queries, forms, reports or modules will disappear on me. If I click on another tab and then back on the tab again (ie. I'm viewing the forms and I click on the queries tab and then back onto the forms tab, they reappear.) This seems to be an Access 'refresh' of the items quirk as it doesn't matter what db it is (and doesn't affect any of the coding or performance of the db.)
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    I find that it is a blessing in disguise if some of my objects disappear on me.

    Good morning gentlemen and ladies

    BTW - I have seen this using Union queries and recordset.clone
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