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    Unanswered: prompting for parameters?

    I created a report in crystal reports xi, but cant' figure out how to prompt for parameters. I can do it through the Parameter Fields in the Field Explorer but it only gives me a list box. I need something where the end user can type in a parameter. For instance, if it prompts for date, I want to be able to type in "<7/17/07" and show me everything that occured before 7/17/07.

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    You need to create a parameter and set the type to date (as per your example) and then to activate the parameter you must use it in your report. It sounds like you want to base your selection criteria on the date parameter - something like ORDER_DATE <= {?DateParameter} - NB note the use of less than OR EQUALS

    I would also strongly recommend displaying the parameter in your report header and that way when someone shows you a printed result, you can be sure about how they got to it.


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