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    Unanswered: converting into cvs format

    I have a code for converting into a cvs format:

    DoCmd.TransferText acExportDelim, "qryDocExportSpecification", "QryDocs", "QryDocs.csv"

    However, the file i get at the end in MyDocuments is an excel file and not a word norepad file. Why is i so and how could i correct this situaion ?

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    No. You are not on drugs. (well, maybe you are, but not because you see excel... ) The file is csv. Your machine just has csv files associated with Excel. (By default, when MS Office is installed, Excel is the default program defined to open csv files)

    Right-click the file, and select Open With..., and then choose notepad. If you ALWAYS want to use notepad as the default app to open csv files, in the Open With menu, when choosing notepad to open the file, also select the checkbox below the app list so as to "Always" use NotePad.
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    Thank you !!

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