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    Unanswered: Change color of updated text

    I need some help, I have a form which users are searching for specific records on. They pull up a record and update the "Notes" field. I need the new notes added to be a different color. Also this needs to show up on a report for the record. Is this possible? So far I can get all the text to change color or the whole record but not just the new text added to the notes.

    Please help

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    You can, I believe, get activeX rich text controls for this. I'm pretty woolly since I've never done it. You out-of-the-box textbox can't do this so don't waste any effort trying.

    BTW - are you versioning your rows? How do you know what is new? How do you define new? We are talking about a single notes field right not a series of records, one record per new note?
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    I'll look into the active X.

    I was trying to use the Afterupdate event to activate the new text added to the existing record.


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