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    Unanswered: Open Report Using a Forms Filter - and Sort

    I am using the code below to open a report based on the filter of a form

    DoCmd.OpenReport "rptCustomers", acViewPreview, , Me.Filter

    users may filter for a particular company, then sort by date

    how can I also open the report to be sorted the same as the form is?

    Thanks! - AB

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    Well....I suppose you could utilize the Report's OpenArgs parameter and the Report's OrderedBy property. Maybe try this:

    DoCmd.OpenReport "rptCustomers", acViewPreview, , Me.Filter, ,"your OrderedBy String"

    Then in the OnOpen event of your Report you could have something like this:

    If Len(Me.OpenArgs) > 0 Then
       Me.OrderedBy = Me.OpenArgs
       Me.OrderedByOn = True
    End If
    Hmmm....yup that should do it

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