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    Unanswered: TSM (TDP for Oracle) and RMAN

    Is there anyone here with experience using Tivoli Storage Manager and TDP for Oracle with a Windows client?

    I'm having issues with RMAN hanging after completing the backup and I'm looking for some assistance.

    We're using:
    Windows 2003
    TSM 5.3
    Oracle 9i (also happening on a server with 10g)

    The Tivoli Server is an AIX box.

    I've googled for some answers using error messages in the TDP log files and I found this reference. However, IBM has acknowledged that the information in this particular document is wrong. We have attempted to implement the workaround in the document, but it did not work (before finding out from IBM that the document was wrong).

    In any case, the rman log file indicates that are getting past the point of the controlfile autobackup.

    The last message in the RMAN log is "Recovery Manager complete".

    After that, RMAN just seems to hang.

    Any assistance would be greatly appreciated.


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    One more piece of info...

    I ran the RMAN script interactively from the command line. The entire backup completes normally and I get the RMAN prompt. At the prompt, I type "exit".

    I then get the message "Recovery Manager complete."

    Then the cursor drops down a line and simply hangs. I never get control back.

    Oracle version
    Windows 2003 Standard (no Service Pack apparently)


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    Hi hmscott,

    I am also facing similar issue as you.
    We are using Oracle EE on Windows 2003 SP2 and TDPO 5.4.1.

    When I use RMAN to backup to local disk using multiple channels, its fine, can exit RMAN prompt after backup completes.

    When I use RMAN to backup to Tivoli (via TDPO) using multiple channels, backup also completes but when I exit from RMAN prompt, it just hangs there.
    Single channel rman backup to tivoli works fine, but is slow due to database growth.

    Did you manage to find a solution?


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