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    Unanswered: Suggestions needed

    What I have.
    I have a spreadsheet that is used in 4 or more locations on a daily basis by 1-3 ppl per locations. The spreadsheet is used to gather Quality Control information. So everyday there are a couple of spreadsheets from each system that is used to generate weekly and monthly reports. This is becoming to much work and I would like to automate the process.

    What I have access to.
    I currently run a Sharepoint 2007 Server for all our collaboration and document needs.
    I also have the ability to setup any sql server.

    What I want.
    I want the QC techs in each system to be able to upload the data at the end of each day and be done with it. This way they do not have email or do a weekly report.
    I would prefer to use Sharepoint and create reports weekly and monthly that can be pulled just by going to a site.

    I'm knowledgeable in Sharepoint and Excel. I have some skills in VBA. I haven't dealt with SQL any, but willing to learn.
    Also I'm knowledgeable in Microsoft Access as well.

    Any suggestions on how I could accomplish this would be appreciated.


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    My first thought would be to give them some sort of webform to enter all of their information into. This web form would then put the data into a SQL database for later reporting. If that is not an option, I think MS Access on a fileshare MAY be able to do this. I have not worked with Access in a long time, and have no intention of going back. I think Sharepoint may actually hinder you on this, unless the users are willing to learn about checking out/in documents, so they do not overwrite each other's changes.

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