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    Unanswered: Novell - Btrieve - Platinum Accounting Problem

    I am looking to connect with somebody to help me with a issues related to the following.

    Novell 4.1 (Compaq Server- Old)

    2 Dos Workstations Netware Protocol

    1 Xp workstation Netware Protocol

    Btrieve 6.?

    I believe Pervasive SQL.

    This system is running a version 4 of PLatinum Accounting Software.

    I am in great need of assitance.

    I need to somehow retrieve the database information related to the accounting software on this system. And to say the least my attempts have been somewhat unsuccessful.

    I would be willing to pay for someones time who can help. But if anybody can guide me in a direction to do this that would be great!


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    You should be able to extract the information via ODBC if you get the latest drivers from Pervasive at As long as you have your DDF files which are the file.ddf, field.ddf and index.ddf.

    I've worked with Platinum since 1991 so I am familiar with the different structures of the files. I've written a number of applications that interface with the data files.

    If you want to view the data you can download BtSearch at It is another method of extracting the data to CSV format.


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