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    Unanswered: Logon System ?? Privilegeing ???

    hi all

    Now i want to make a logon system to a certain db using MS access , i read alot about that but all what i found ,i found it stored inside the access application itself or in a new workgroup which is not a practical solution since if i give such db & its workgroup file , it can simply don't use such workgrup and i will use the default access workgroup and so no secrity at all

    i need a solution to be stored inside the db itself so wherever anyone run such db it will have its own logon system (Privileging)

    Please help

    Thanks all

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    The most secure method is to use the in built access security.
    However, if you have to create your own then there is a lot more to be thought about.

    How are you going to define what each user can (and can't) see and how do you plan on enforcing this?
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