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    Unanswered: The CMS MediaWiki

    I am interested in CMS in general and MediaWiki in particular for my needs on my website. I had to switch internet providers because the one I used to have did not support PHP5 which MediaWiki requires.

    I am having some difficulty customizing MediaWiki.

    Does anyone have any expericne with this CMS?

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    xarzu, you ought to get together with surfrider, you both have the same interest in CMS and Wikimedia (see Post your favorite CMS ) | @rudydotca
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    20 is a good forum for all things MediaWiki. I also suggest, the Wikitech mail archives. You can add your e-mail to the list to join the loop and talk directly with the "wikitechs" who actually work on Wikipedia (MediaWiki).

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    May I also suggest an IRC chat room: server "" (port 6667) room #mediawiki. There are 160+ people in it right now. They can definitely help you out, real time no less.

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