Hi All,

I am using DB2 UDB server v7.1 and fixpak 5 with the oslevel aix 5.2. Everymonth the data will be loaded from the federated server. afterthat the users are getting error like
IBM][CLI Driver][DB2/6000] SQL0501N The cursor specified in a FETCH or CLOSE statement is not open. SQLSTATE=24501

and in the db2diag.log looks like

2007-09-10- Instance:udbprd1 Node:000
PID:78862(db2agntp (MIAMI)) Appid:0A69E417.079C.070910110856
sort/list_services sqlsCalculateSortMemory Probe:35 Database:MIAMI
DIA3611C No memory available in the sort heap.


Data Titleort mem usage: 76800 shrd, 11115 priv, 25000 heap, 76800 thres, active 227 2 PID:78862 Node:000
0000 0000

we have examined the same issue previously,so we have increased the dbm parameter sortheap threshold and the issue was resolved to some extent and also we faced situations like if when we increase the parameter to the larger value,we are not able to connect to the db as well...

any help...

Many Thanks