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    Question Unanswered: CSV Files and Numbers Stored as Text

    I seem to be having some issues with saving CSV files and then reopening them. Can someone or many of you help out?

    I have file I saved as text. Some of the data has leading 0's that need to be stored as a csv file. I change the format to text the first time I create the file and save it as a csv, it uploads through our system fine. When I open the file to make adjustments it removes all of the leading 0's and changes the format to a number.

    Is there something I am missing some place? I thought when I change the format it stays.

    Thanks in advance for any help given.

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    Disappearing zeros


    When you create a CSV file it is usually handled by a central database or ERP system not reopoened with Excel. If you open your CSV file with Notepad you will see that your zeros are there.

    So saving an Excel fie as CSV is a final transaction because no format are kept.
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