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    Question Unanswered: How do I record sub-elements to a Combo Box selection?

    Hi Forum Members
    I need help again in solving what I am sure is a simple problem. I have a table with a field called "Issue". I want to populate the field with a selection from a combo box, eg Issue = AMA, Walk-out, Elopement, IV Infiltration etc.
    The problem I am having is with other selections from the category "Issue" that have sub-elements eg.

    Issue = Combo Box selection - Fall
    then for - Fall - was there an INJURY - Yes/No


    Issue = Combo Box selection - Altercation
    then for - Altercation - was it between Patient, Staff, Both


    Issue = Combo Box selection - Adverse Reaction
    then for - Adverse Reaction - was it - Blood, Drug, Other, (Other would have to be a memo field for comment)

    If there are no sub-elements the combo box works fine, but with the the addition of sub-elements I can't see how the combo box would work.

    The problem is I want to keep all the "Issues" together for easy reporting purposes.

    Any suggestions will be very much appreciated.

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    Try using two combo boxes, where the second combo is only called into action with a Requery in the first combo's AfterUpdate event. You may have to tinker with it, because there aren't always subs, as you mentioned. However, it is probably doable.

    Good luck,


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    Thank you Sam, I will try that.

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